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Amsterdam Neuroscience 

An interdisciplinary research institute

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AAmsterdam Neuroscience is the research institute for neuroscience of Amsterdam UMC and the science faculties of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. Researchers and clinicians from these three institutions join forces in the field of fundamental, translational and clinical brain research. This collaboration strengthens the scientific excellence in this area, making Amsterdam Neuroscience one of the largest neuroscience communities in Europe.


To enable translational neuroscience research, we develop and translate neuroscience knowledge into applications for patients. Amsterdam Neuroscience focuses on scientific excellence, young talent and innovation in four cross-disciplinary research programs. In addition, there are five clinical research programs that focus on both existing and new treatments for a number of brain and nervous system diseases, including neurological, neurovascular and psychiatric disorders.


Amsterdam Neuroscience’s overall mission is to broaden the fundamental knowledge of the human brain and nervous system, and to translate this into effective therapies and treatments for the individual patient.


With a focus on both fundamental and translational neuroscience, we work on the primary function of the brain and the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms. In addition, however, we also identify relevant biomarkers, drug targets and new molecular structures for the purpose of interventions for brain disorders. Through clinical trials on patients, we validate new diagnostic tests, therapies and interventions. The clinical research often focuses on the prevention of brain and nerve disorders, or the recovery thereof. We do this both by investor generated research and through collaborations with external parties such as biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies. Cooperation with industrial partners can, in turn, help accelerate clinical development and validation of new methods and interventions. And all of this while putting the interests of the patient first.


Through scientific excellence and high clinical standards, we provide the best breeding ground for the next generation of neuroscientists, neurologists and psychiatrists. Team science and communication are important core values ‚Äč‚Äčthat make Amsterdam Neuroscience ‘the’ connecting research institute, where principal researchers contribute to a good infrastructure with partnerships, suitable financing and valorization opportunities.

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About Amsterdam Neuroscience

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